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Where Dead Fish Go


You can't escape your past, no matter how fast you run. Boomer thought he'd done it. Thought he'd left behind misery, abuse, and the terrible secrets of his childhood, but he was wrong. When Jiffy, his oldest friend, walks back into his life after two decades, the horror of their past comes with him. Returning to a hell they'd barely escaped is the last thing either wants, but the weight of thirty dead girls will drive the friends into realms of memory and pain they'd prayed to never visit again. Mystery, murder, and magic dwell beneath the waters of the sleepy lake-shore town they grew up in and only Boomer and Jiff know where it all began. They know it started with two lonely, broken, nine-year-old boys, and know they have to stop what they put in motion before even more children die. You can't escape the past but maybe, just maybe, you can face it with a friend.

Where Dead Fish Go

The Screaming God


Godslayer, is the latest and –-by his own lights-- greatest in a line of heroes that kill anyone foolish enough to proclaim themselves a god. Catrina, is the Lady Ambassador Godslayer must take along on his next mission as both guide and . . . well, baby-sitter! Godslayer is not pleased but he figures to lose the wench somewhere along the way. The mission is simple: cross the ocean, find the god, discover how he’s growing blockbuster crops in the middle of a drought before killing him, and return said secret to their employers. What could possibly go wrong?


Screaming God
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