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I see a world of mist-laden skies

Where dreams of youth live on, survive

Where death is a dream of a sad distant tune

Where pigs all have wings and cows leap moons

Was it so long ago, that warm comfortable world?

Was there not once a knight who loved a young girl?

Did she love in return, or was that a dream too?

A dream to taint visions in cold pastel blue.


I see a young child who dreamed mighty dreams

and I see a grown man who screams silent screams.

Death is the dancer, life fiddles the reel

of hopes that are dead, and things you can't feel.

I would dance, once again, in the fields of light

Where innocence is sweet and love can be right.

Tell me true, tell me now: have you been to this place?

Did you dance there til dawn? Did you see my lost face?


The soft scent of grass, lush beneath summer sun.

In a place you can play til the long days are done.

Waving trees overhead, tossed about by cool wind.

Was it taken away as the price of my sin?

How does one purchase, sweet innocence lost?

How steep is its price, how dear is the cost?

Are there dreams still to dream, left for tomorrow?

Or is it all bitter tastes: harsh anger and sorrow?


I live in a world built of steel and glass,

Dreaming fools dreams of innocence past.

Today, is my mistress; I bow to her will.

But the heart is an optimist that clings to hope still.

May the day come a dawning; I'll again be that knight

And I'll ride my white charger out of east breaking light.

To capture the heart of a lovely young girl,

Who I'll carry away and make queen of my world.

By:   J. A. Coppinger

(Copyright 1995)

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